AI platform that takes the guesswork out of concrete mixing and production for concrete manufacturers

Nov 2023

About the company

Concrete AI takes the guesswork out of the concrete mixing and production for both small and larger concrete plants and manufacturers. Their proprietary AI model is built on top of 75M+ data points creating 1.2M+ data sets of concrete batch/mix performance. This allows Concrete Ai to both optimize current mixes and generate bespoke mixes based on the contents of each plant’s unique inventory. Currently, the concrete production process functions mainly through trial and error.

Without Concrete AI, in order to generate a specific type and mix of concrete, manufacturers must test different ingredient batches several times and refine the amount of each ingredient until the target mix is reached. Each plant has between 13 and 26 types of raw materials available that can be combined in a seemingly infinite number of permutations and volumes to meet client/builder specifications. This process is long, and laborious and creates unnecessary material and time waste for concrete manufacturers.