Home-flipping and renovation-as-a-service platform

Jul 2023

About the company

Homemade functions as a “house-flipping-as-a-service” platform that takes much of the confusing and daunting parts of house flipping out of the hands of consumers/investors. House-flipping is an attractive project for many with the funds to do so, but the process behind it often puts off home investors because they don’t understand it. As a result, many who venture into home investing and flipping (with no prior experience in space) end up doing only one project and then leaving because of their experience with the process. They either break even, lose money, or don’t make enough from the sale to continue investing time and money into other home-flip projects. Homemade’s platform and experienced real estate team take the entire process out of the hands of the investors and turn home flipping into a positive experience for all.

You can learn more about them and see them in action via their Austin Flipsters Youtube channel here.