Pepper Bio

Waze for drug discovery data and analysis tool

Pepper Bio
Wellness/Bio Tech
May 2022

About the company

Pepper Bio is the world's first transomics drug discovery company. Similar to how Google Maps combines various layers of data to provide the fastest and safest route to an end destination, Pepper Bio’s COMPASS platform simplifies the intricate world of biology into a navigable roadmap for researchers.

Most models include genomics (DNA), transcriptomics (RNA), and proteomics, AKA whether there is a presence of proteins. The missing layer that Pepper has is phosphoproteomics AKA the function of proteins. Pepper is able to study how proteins interact with drug targets in a biological system, which helps the company make more accurate predictions about which drug targets will succeed or fail before the costly clinical trial stage.

You can learn more about them and their latest funding announcement via their feature in TechCrunch here.

Pepper Bio